AR Game Development Made Faster With Templates From AREYES

by Oleksii Surnin on May 29, 2023

We are an innovative team of experienced developers who have been involved in multiple AR game projects since 2019. Millions of users all around the world enjoy playing our games, that’s why, from year to year, we work hard to introduce something new to the AR community.

As developers, we understand the challenges involved in building AR games from the ground up. That’s why we are eager to share our hard-earned internal knowledge with others, aiming to greatly simplify the AR game development process on the Meta Spark platform. By doing so, we hope to push the boundaries of Social AR gaming and make it more accessible to all enthusiasts.

This conceptual breakthrough motivated us to create AREYES SDK. This solution helped to optimize the resources and accelerate the development process itself. This was a great step toward better optimization, and we’ve finally managed to find out how to take more benefits and introduce them to a wider community!

The Gumroad community was the first to get familiar with our AR game templates. Our initial goal was to research how our solutions can help other developers save resources and optimize the development process. And what we’ve got was the introduction of a bunch of new AR titles by more than 2,300 individual developers and around 100 agencies and studios!Yahoo SportsM&MsNissanSelfridges, and other big brands were the ones that also liked our instruments!

Now, it’s time for you to take a closer look at our templates for AR games and learn more about how you can help us to scale this niche and how to spend days instead of weeks on game development!

Templates Review

In the AREYES Studio, we believe that variety is what contributes to continuous progress. That’s why we do not stop on a single concept. Our specialists constantly work on various ideas and try to bring them to life to ensure a better optimization process for developers and development studios.

Our range of AR game templates is quite rich because we want to ensure their compliance with different popular types of projects and compatibility with the most unique ideas. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular AR templates from AREYES:

3D Runner

This is quite a popular concept of an AR game for mobile-based platforms. Gamers enjoy using various virtual tokens in 3-dimensional digital space to run and pass through different barriers. To do this, players need to move with their heads to specify the running direction and blink or use other mimic gestures to avoid different barriers.


In games with the Eater template, users need to determine which items can be eaten and which ones can not. After this, they just open their mouths to catch the necessary items while they are falling from the upper part of the screen.

Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird template is relevant to games where users control the movement of a virtual bird or spaceship using head movements or taps to collect in-game rewards, bonuses, coins, etc.


The collector template design is quite similar to the Eater concept. The only difference is that the user doesn’t need to catch items with one’s mouth but uses a special basket or box. The movements required to avoid false items are basically the same.


Games with the sorting template are virtual spaces where users turn their heads to define the direction of falling objects and sort them into specific baskets.

2D Runner

In the 2D runner template, in-game actions are synchronized with the player’s blinks or taps. By this, the user will be able to manage one’s character and avoid different barriers to get to the finish quickly.

Space Voyager

From navigating through asteroid fields to discovering distant galaxies, the Space Voyager template provides a versatile foundation for creating captivating AR games. With the Space Voyager template, you will be able to develop a game, where users will drive the spaceships with head movements, shoot the asteroids, and collect rewards.

How Community Benefits From Our Templates

We take pride that our solutions appeared to be quite useful for the developing community regardless of the scale of projects — AREYES templates serve both individual developers and AR development studios.

Do you want to see real examples of how AREYES templates help to optimize the development process? The Lenslist platform lists a rich assortment of exciting titles based on our templates. All these solutions have various gaming mechanics, which help developers to fulfill their unique ideas and bring the most immersive concepts to life.

What makes our solution stand out from the crowd is that they suit developers with different experiences. Both individual developers with limited resources and large AR gaming studios can utilize our solutions to contribute to the continuous growth of the AR gaming niche! We are also quite eager to contribute to this process when working on our commercial projects.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Templates?

In a nutshell, the development of the simplest AR game requires the involvement of a team of at least two specialists — a middle/senior developer and a technical artist. Except for paying a reasonable fee for their services, which amounts to around $2.5-5 thousand, we also pay our time, since the developer needs from 1.5 to 2 weeks, while the technical artist — 3-5 days.

With our templates, we can save much more resources! The same benefit is relevant to you, regardless of whether you are an individual developer or representative of a development studio, because you will receive the same result as when you would pay $2.5к and spend 2 weeks.

How To Start Working With Templates

With our AR templates, the development process becomes much easier for specialists. Nevertheless, there is a well-specified number of steps you need to take to make the most of our AREYES instruments:

    1. Go to our account on the Gumroad platform. This platform is a special marketplace where every developer, regardless of their experiences and available resources, can buy our templates. There is also a free template that might be used to get familiar with its general functionality.
    2. Choose interesting templates and purchase them. Basically, all our templates are ready-to-deploy AR games. You don’t need to write a new code or work on the back end of the solution. You can just adjust its features in accordance with your project objectives and launch it to the market.
    3. Get familiar with the documentation and video lessons. One of the biggest benefits of our templates is that every solution comes with video lessons where all its features are explained. Get familiar with the documentation to understand how template features can be adjusted to suit your purpose.
    4. Join our Telegram community. If video lessons and documentation are not enough for you, you can ask all the questions you are concerned about through our Telegram community. This is a friendly space where you can learn about the best ways to solve the most common issues of AR game development based on our templates.

    Compliance & Requirements

    • Who can use our solutions? AR instruments have no limitations on the experience or capabilities of developers. Our solutions suit both individual developers with limited resources and big development studios and agencies.
    • Which software suits our solutions? To work with our templates, you need to use the latest version of the Meta Spark Studio software.
    • Which platforms support our solutions? Games developed based on our templates are compatible with different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, AR Ads, Messenger, and Instagram Video Calling. Thanks to this, you can bring your AR games to the widest possible audience.

    The Final Thought

    On the whole, the set of our AR templates is what can open doors to an immersive world of AR gaming. By buying our templates, you join thousands of individual developers and hundreds of advanced outsourcing agencies, which have already made a great contribution to the growth of the AR niche. All you need to do to achieve this is to find our account on the Gumroad platform and start bringing your ideas to life.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to become a part of the growing industry that attracts millions of users from all around the globe! Together with advanced AR technologies, you can revolutionize the world of content and entertainment!

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