AREYES Wins Facebook Developer Challenge 2019

by Ivan Pavliuchenko on Dec 15, 2019

AREYES team won the third prize on the annual Developer Circles Community Challenge from Facebook and received a reward of $15,000 for the project HeadBoard.

More than 250 teams from all over the world took part in the hackathon. The total prize fund was $165,000.

About The Project

Faceboard (HeadBoard) is an augmented reality hybrid racing game with arcade elements, where you need to keep the balance with your head and facial gestures.

Challenge Results

In October 2019, we won at the regional level, being ahead of all the developers from Europe (then the project was still called Faceboard).

In November 2019, with our updated version we were among the top-3 global competition winners.

Participants from Indonesia took the first prize and the second prize went to the team from India.

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