Speed Rush

Social AR, Game Design

Client Brief

The client aimed to identify cutting-edge immersive experiences that could be incorporated into Group Effect. 


To inline with that goal we’ve created AR multiplayer games for Instagram and Messenger calls that leverage multipeer capability. This will allow participants to interact with each other through their video calls and create coordinated group experiences.


One of the games we’ve developed in response to the client’s request is “Speed Rush.” This game takes place in a cartoonish parallel reality where users compete with their friends to see who can get to the finish line first. By injecting some healthy competition into video calls, we aim to make them more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

User Jorney 
Character Design

The style for vehicles is taken roots from the Chibi.

The concept is focused on streamlined organic forms that are closely related to the aesthetics of futurism.

final Characters

Funny, colorful alien characters.

Due to the rounded shapes, they look cute, combined with the style of the level.

Level Design

The idea of level design has roots in the simple recognizable shape of buildings with skyscrapers mixed with futuristic urban. Blue pastel colors which reflect Meta brand colors, with minimal detalization make the level less noisy and help smoothly immerse players into the gameplay.


The purple race track help visually differentiates the player’s game zone from the background. 


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