Every artistic/creative person has their own “artistic”/”creative” life: it’s like a whole separate part of existence, as important as their personal life, job, and family. Each of those creatives goes through constant ups and downs, regardless of what is going on in the background.

My whole life I’ve been drawn to creation as act.

I remember even when I was 4, I was torn between different things: I liked both drawing and make-shifting toys out of trash and parts of old soviet appliances and tools. I ended up becoming a professional 3D artist with an educational background in physics. A lot of people think that skills and knowledge in those two spheres have nothing in common, yet I think they both express the same/share a deep connection to one fundamental human element that is creation.

The formula is simple: Engineer = Artist / One is as much an engineer as he is an artist.

My own most valuable trait is the ability to build and create. I deem it the greatest gift.