Animated game characters in a colorful environment with oversized lettering "TON" in the background.

Ion Mobile Game

Game Design


Chornobyl R&D Institute came to us to help create the game story which represents the idea of an outreach campaign for kids “STEP to Safety”.


We designed and built the full-range game experience with a simple storyline which involved the teams designing the games and interactions, mapping out the UX journeys, creating concept art, building 2D/3D assets and motion graphics, designing the app architecture, and finally writing the code that ties everything together.


To reduce the amount of abandoned radioactive sources, minimize terrorist threats, as well as threats to life and health of citizens, Chornobyl R&D Institute with the support of the United States Department of State, the Amnesty of Ionizing Radiation Sources project was launched, in frames of which there has been started a public outreach campaign “STEP to Safety” (“KROK do Bezpeky”).

The amnesty program of abandoned radioactive sources will help the Government of Ukraine reduce the number of abandoned sources by enabling, encouraging, and assisting in their return. Also, the program should refute the idea that there is a demand for illegal radioactive materials.

The better way to speak with the audience of teenagers and high school students is to speak in a language which they used to – the game’s language..

We came up with a hero – a teenager Ion, who is interested in the world around him, explores it, and looks for ionizing radiation sources. During virtual journeys, Ion will have to face fierce enemies: alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation. To defeat them one needs not only agility and intelligence but also knowledge.

During the gameplay, we training practical and theoretical knowledge, acquaint them with the potential danger, with ways to protect against it, the rules of behavior and response, fixing in the child’s mind behavioral reactions


A mobile game that promotes practical awareness through the kids around problems of radioactive materials and overcoming the consequences of radiation accidents.

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