Virtual Gallery

Stephen Vineburg

Challenge: Australian-British art historian and artist himself, Stephen Vineburg, surpassed physical limitations to connect with people worldwide through digital immersion. AR collaboration aimed to create a virtual gallery displaying five art pieces, offering users an intimate and immersive experience to explore the intricate meanings behind each artwork.

Solution: The completed solution involved designing and establishing a virtual gallery AR portal, showcasing an exhibition room adorned with captivating 3D art objects. Through AR technology, users were able to intimately explore digital artworks, engaging in three-dimensional interactions with Vineburg's art via 3D Design. Leveraging Mobile AR, the portal's AR experiences allowed visitors to swiftly immerse themselves in each artwork, liberating them for a deeper exploration.This collaboration aimed to explore AR Applications in the art world, amplifying the reach and impact of Vineburg's artistic vision while reshaping the modern-day culture of art consumption.

Other Works