Illustration of Angry Birds characters in an AR game design showcasing 3D animation and virtual social spaces.

Angry Birds 2

Augmented Reality (AR-Ads)


AREYES team was tasked with creating an AR campaign for social media advertising aimed at highlighting the game's familiar characters, locations, and narrative. The primary objective of the campaign is to boost app installs for Angry Birds 2 by providing an interactive AR experience accessible directly through anyone's Instagram camera. By launching this campaign, Rovio aims to introduce a "try before you buy" approach, allowing users to explore the game without the necessity of downloading it first.

To achieve brand engagement, awareness, and offer novel experiences to primarily male audience aged 18-35, we present "Joyful Destruction" in 3D and a first-bird-eye perspective. Users control the birds, flying them to demolish piggy structures, with explosions and chaos ensuing.

“The campaign takes social media users on a first-person joyride, letting them steer characters and dive into the playful world of Angry Birds.” - Jasdip Sensi, Marketing Dive


The main characters of the campaign are led by the "Star" of the Angry Birds world, Red. Sarcastic, annoyed, and highly relatable, he is joined by Black Bird (also known as Bomb), a bird with the explosive ability, and the trio of small bluebirds, Jay, Jake, and Jim.

To maintain consistency with the character design of the Angry Birds game, each character is brightly and vibrantly colored, with expressive eyes and distinctive features that make them instantly recognizable and endearing


As the objective was to transition from a 2D concept to an augmented reality experience, we implemented the mechanics of a 3D runner from a first-person perspective. This enables social media users to control the flight simply by moving their heads, enhancing interactivity and enjoyment. The destruction unfolds as the birds demolish multiple piggy structures, leading to abundant explosions and chaos, all while maintaining the integrity of the game's narrative.

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