Abstract shiny blue metallic surface with symmetrical patterns.

Parametrika AR filter

Augmented Reality (AR-Ads), Visual Art


I am releasing this set of AR-effects as a full-fledged art project. This collection of AR effects is a full-on artwork of mine. It is a fusion of visual research in the novel for the Instagram AR generative style I have gathered from the latest period of my life.

Alexander Surnin – CEO


Every artistic/creative person has their own “artistic”/”creative” life: it’s like a whole separate part of existence, as important as their personal life, job, and family. Each of those creatives goes through constant ups and downs, regardless of what is going on in the background.

My whole life I’ve been drawn to creation as act. I remember even when I was 4, I was torn between different things: I liked both drawing and make-shifting toys out of trash and parts of old soviet appliances and tools. I ended up becoming a professional 3D artist with an educational background in physics. A lot of people think that skills and knowledge in those two spheres have nothing in common, yet I think they both express the same/share a deep connection to one fundamental human element that is creation.

The formula is simple: Engineer = Artist / One is as much an engineer as he is an artist. My own most valuable trait is the ability to build and create. I deem it the greatest gift.


I find the phenomenon of consciousness to be the greatest mystery.

I used to think that one cannot consciously find ways to explore the consciousness itself. I used to think that using conscious ways to explore consciousness itself is impossible. Yet I have come to an understanding of how to do it. Once, sharing my revelations made me comprehend the even deeper sense of things. For many years, I’ve been meditating on the hypothesis that any given process is a form of consciousness: from nuclear reactions within atoms to social patterns and all the way to galaxies drifting through space – I think they all have certain forms of consciousness.

One of my revelations is that we, ourselves, are a part of bigger, highly abstract processes and forms of consciousness!


Black Gold is the time in lockdown that took over the world. I’m sure that this, possibly one-off, event has helped many of you in your self-discovery journey. I’m sure many of you have taken this, possibly, unique time opportunity to learn more about your own self and life.

It was really an interesting experience.


Have you thanked the internet yet for keeping you sane throughout the lockdown? Because I did.

I think that everything that is now happening in technology, the internet, and social media is, in fact, a new way of thinking – therefore a new way of sensing and feeling.

I am, again, having this thrilling realization of how huge these current changes are – and of the fact that I am a part of it.


I have recently learned that I have synesthesia. It means that my brain automatically connects unrelated senses: it’s like I see the color of a sound, a letter, a day of the week, a year, or some event.

My whole life I thought it was the same for everyone. Apparently, it’s just 4% of the world population that can “hear colors”. My whole life I believed everyone had it the same way – later I learned that only 4% of people have this condition. I was quite impressed.

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