Saint Abloh


Challenge: The challenge centered on creating a distinctive activation for Virgil Abloh's September 2021 music performance in Kyiv. Abloh's iconic status among today's youth was shaped by his transformative influence on contemporary fashion, propelling streetwear into the realm of luxury attire. This AR Brand Activation, centered around Abloh, aims to illuminate the cultural impact of his persona as a brand.

Solution: The AREYES team produced a phygital artifact, beautifully integrating digital features into the real-world object. We achieved this by utilizing 3D glass printing technology on Triplex glass, which, when combined with a target tracker on the cube, enables users to effortlessly trigger a marker-based AR effect using any smartphone. As for the AR experience, it features a digital avatar of Abloh as the centerpiece, accompanied by additional elements showcasing the physical cube's transformation within the virtual world.

Other Works