Pleasure Garden


Challenge: Selfridges wanted to do more than just offer a shopping spree for Valentine's Day. They envisioned an experience that would entice customers into a world of romance and delight, where shopping became an adventure filled with surprises and discoveries.

Solution: The creation of a dynamic and interactive Social AR game seamlessly wove Selfridges' captivating tarot characters into a visually rich universe of augmented world. AR storytelling enhances the emotional depth and resonance tied to Valentine's Day through each character that embodies different facets of celebration and love. For instance, the indulgent Gastro Glutton symbolized the joy of savoring delicious treats, while the glitter-loving Magpie encapsulated the allure of sparkles and glamour. By utilizing head movements alone, users immerse themselves in an AR Experience that transforms the pre-holiday gift search into a personalized journey of aesthetically pleasing gateway.

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